Monday, February 01, 2010

iPhone app, ready for Beta

My app is finally in a condition that I feel it's safe to give to people so they can beta test it and find the real problems. :) I was having an issue with Build-Run once I had added my new signature file, etc. Here is the error: The executable was signed with invalid entitlements
I was also getting an error when trying to install it via iTunes that the phone was not entitled to run the application.

This is the information from StackOverflow with some minor changes:

For Ad Hoc Distribution, complete the following:

  • In the File Menu, select New File -> iPhone OS -> Code Signing -> Entitlements. Name the file “Entitlements.plist" and click ‘Finish’. This creates a copy of the default entitlements file within the project.
  • Select the new Entitlments.plist file and uncheck the “get-task-allow” property. Save the Entitlements.plist file.
  • Select the Target and open the Project -> Edit Project Settings -> Build settings inspector. In the ‘Code Signing Entitlements’ build setting, type in the filename of the new Entitlements.plist file including the extension. There is no need to specify a path unless you have put the Entitlements.plist file somewhere other than the top level of the project

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