Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lot videos

Videos of where the house is going on the lot.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Infiniti Power Parachute - Low and slow

A few minutes of our Infinity Power Parachute on it's first day of flying since we purchased it. It's a clowdy day, but almost no wind so we were able to take it up and fly aroudn a bit. Kept it low so as not to get lost in the clowds. Some nice tight turns very close to the ground. We were below the tree line for much of the flights.

keywords: buckeye dream machine six shooter chute fly

New Years 2007 Sleds

Mostly snowmobiles jumping near a ski resort Mt. Bachelor out of Bend, Oregon. Five of us just having some fun till the day got cut short when one of the sleds died on us. Captured The day before New Years eve 2006. All video from our Helmet Cam, Don't Stay by Linkin Park playing for audio. Arctic Cat (900 and 1000), Ski Doo (550 and 1000), and Polaris (700 and 800) all on the ride. Extra Keywords: snow machine, snowmobile, sled, jump, OR