Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project = New Home

It's time to move. Not just move, but build a home and move. This will be a challenge because my wife claims she won't help, and I'm at work most of the time. So, where to start?

First, you go find some property. Done.

Second you need some house plans. Done. The plans we selected suited our needs perfectly. We wanted a home with the kitchen next to the garage, master bed on the first floor, big bonus room over the garage, and the upstairs bedrooms on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom. A few other factors were a office, and an individual bathroom for a large bedroom upstairs (Daughters idea).
Cool House Plans

Third... I honsetly have no idea...

So this is what i'm going to do. Since I have no idea what to do next I'm going to write it down as I go. That way some other poor sole like me won't have to do it the painful way.

I actually need to wait a month or so to purchase the property so until then I don't need to worry about financing this thing. I'll get to options on that when it's time.

I'm building in an area that is being developed. Based on this I'm going to build a house this is both larger and more extravagant that I need or want. Basically because I want it to fit in, and be worth a bunch of coin when I'm done with it. To that end I'm going to look for things that will class the house up and make it more desierable to the upper crust.

As I go through this I'm going to put links and probably pictures in here. Please note that I don't own any of these things and they will be used as an example of the type of item I want. So, while I may post BrandX water faucet, I'm probably refering to the style of faucet and not BrandX.

I'll post again soon when I have some ideas on what to put in the house. A few of the first items I'll be looking for: Steam Room for the master shower. Music throughout the house. Tankless water heater (propane). Instant hot water in the bathrooms (via a pump).

That's it for now, take care!


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