Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So it's been a while since my last post. I'll catch you up on things.

Mythbox = Going well still. I'm starting to put the pieces together for another machine. This one will be for the new Panasonic 42" plasma I got a month ago. It's nice... TH42PX50U

MAME = Well... The wife put the beat down on me for wanting to build a cabinet. In all honesty she was right and there really is no room in our house for the thing. I did get a 25" TV and had it setup for a while on a desk. My daughter and I managed to kill quite a few bad guys together and had a lot of fun doing it.

What's next: Well, I hooked the MAME computer up to the new plasma until I can get a real MythTV box going. I'm running 3 channels of 802.11g in my house so I have 1 for work (secured and hooked to a VPN) 1 for the main MythTV box downstairs, and the last one for the windows box connected to the plasma. I've done this because I can run wires to either of those. Well, without a bunch of hastle anyway. Right now I'm both streaming video to the MAME computer and copying TV programs over. I use one channel for one connection, and 1 channel for the othehr. This way I don't have both hops on the same frequency and I get much better throughput.

Ok, that's it for the update on the in home machines. I'll update this info when I finally get the parts in for the new MythTV box.


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