Friday, December 25, 2009

Fliping between pages on iPhone

For my project I wanted to have an info screen (really, I did!). After some looking around I found a great video tutorial on how to do this. I creates a separate nib (.xib) file and loads it based on pushing buttons. It also incorporates accessing variables in other .m files which will be useful to me sooner that I had though now that I know it's easy to do.

The only word of caution on the video is that is a little dated and Apple has made some modifications to the way both the IB and xcode work. Specifically, it does things for you now. I'm a total noob to this stuff, so I'm sure the next person will will not have a problem. Just remember that it is different, and you only need to make two files, not 6. When you create the SecondView files, you can create the .h and .xib files all at once. The old xcode required you to make all three separately. IB just looks a little different is all.

Have fun!

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